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Our Lighthouse Product  is now available in both Cloud and On-Prem deployment models. Watch the video to see it in action.

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Market Analysis

Proactively Addressing Fraud Risks

August, 2019

Fraud and Governance lapses are having a devastating effect on organisations, national economies, and the global geopolitical landscape.

What can we learn from active programs to combat fraud in a global hotspot?

by Jan

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Our Original Blue Paper Library


Our Security product catalogue addresses insider threats that exist within the internal operations of an enterprise and focuses on user interaction with line-of-business applications. Offerings include:

-  Prosense MFA , to add biometric ( and geolocation ) based factors to a user login event

- Prosense Lighthouse, to provide the Fraud Prevention, Detection and Prosecution capabilities required to manage user Transaction execution

- Prosense Biometrics to facilitate biometric data capture and storage

Our Tracking and Monitoring catalogue includes:


- Prosense G-Track, to provide IoT based tracking and monitoring based on geolocations and geofences.


Enterprise Security will always be high on the agenda for modern organisations. An extensible Enterprise Security strategy is dependent on a strong foundation, where basic risk and compliance requirements are satisfied.


Identity Management, Access Management, SSO and Privileged Access Management are key themes in such a strategy. Leveraging our rich skills in modern Integration and Process Automation, Prosense works with you to craft and implement solutions that address these themes and is able to offer a variety of solution options based on industry-leading products.

With both Cloud and on-premise options available, there are solutions to suit your business and your budget.


Prosense provides a portfolio of services that are targetted to the support of initiatives within the Enterprise Security domain. Our Service portfolio includes IAM Strategy Consulting, Database Audit, and Remediation and Product & Solution Implementation Services.

Our experience in the Service Delivery space has been won through work on local, continental and international projects, and our consultants are therefore well equipped to support clients on the most demanding of projects and initiatives. 

Enterprise Security & Integration

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