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The Lighthouse Suite reduces loss due to Fraud and Negligence by introducing Transaction Non-Repudiability into the Front- or Back Office. The combination of Biometric identifiers, coupled with PKI based encryption technology, delivers a Transaction Signing capability that irrefutably links a Transaction, and therefore any act of fraud, with a positively identified Person.

  The independent, reusable nature of the solution allows the organisation to create a repository of chronological Transaction processing data gathered from distributed, heterogeneous line-of-business systems – the nett effect is a centralised view of end-to-end Transaction processing and User activity, perfectly suited to serve audit and forensic investigation interventions.

Deployment options include full-stack On-Prem and Private Cloud environments.

Protecting High Value or High Risk Transactions

Identity Proofing


Corroborate a person’s claim of a real-world identity, e.g. a civil identity with an enhanced level of trust.

Biometric Civil Verification.

User Authentication

App Runtime

Corroborate a person’s claim of a digital identity with an enhanced level of trust.


Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication.

Identity Assurance

App Runtime

The combined level of trust (from Identity Proofing & User Authentication) in a claim of a real-world identity by the person interacting with an information system.

Interaction Integrity

App Runtime

The enhanced level of trust in the origin and contextual data of a specific interaction (transaction), as executed by a person with an assured identity on an information system.


PKI based transaction signing.

Fraud Prevention, Detection and Prosecution

Online (Near Realtime)


Analyse contextual data (transaction) and the corroborated user identity data to identify potentially fraudulent transactions.

Reconciles identity data and contextual (transaction) data against encrypted sources to provide non-repudiation.


Analytics & Case Management.

Internal Fraud Protection Suite

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