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Founded in 2009, Prosense Technology began as an IT services company, specialising in implementations of the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack.  With specialist skills in Oracle Identity and Access Management, Oracle SOA Suite and Java development, we took our services across the continent and across the globe, and have worked in parts of Africa, the UK, India and Southeast Asia, with a significant focus on the Financial Services, Higher Education and Government sectors.

As the world has changed and demand for more robust, more resilient solutions in the Identity and Access Management domain have become mainstream, we have broadened our focus and today offer a portfolio of products tailored to meet those demands.  Our focus on Biometrics offers us exciting possibilities and we strive to learn how best to apply our skills and our knowledge in this domain, to real-world challenges.

With the advent of Cloud, more and more organisations are looking to hybrid Cloud and On-Premise solutions to meet their operational and compliance goals without compromising budget. We have partnered with a host of leading Providers in order to ensure that we are competitive in this regard and can offer our clients the best value for money. 


We look forward to welcoming you into our community and hope that you will join us as we journey into a future that is forever changing, always challenging, and unfailingly exciting.

Kind Regards,

Jan Dijkstra

Founder, Director & CEO
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